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    What is everyones thoughts on these?
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    Hmmmmm... that's pretty interesting and I'd love to try a set.

    When I ordered the sand tire setup for Melissa's XPT I asked Dave (Fullerton Sand Sports) what he recommended for a 2-seat XPT with around 150 RWHP (Evo says this Stage 2 tune dynos 147-something) and he asked if I wanted to drag-race/hill-shoot, or have fun. He also asked if I expected to use 4wd in the sand. Well, it's not a race car (I didn't even go for Stage 3 on the tune) and it's all about sliding around and goofing around if I'm driving it. However, it gets lots of tow-out duty and I wanted it to be stable and predictable when Melissa dunes in it in 4wd. So we landed on the 1200 Desert Traks (shaved down about 1/2) and 1300 Padla Traks.

    Overall I think we achieved what I wanted, in 2wd in the dunes it slides a lot, but still has plenty of hook. It also doesn't want to side-bite too bad which is nice with a 64" width machine (probably 70" on the sand setup). In 4wd however, it is very stable and having the front end actually doing some pulling (with some real bite) helps it stay on-line and predictable, and does seem to make a difference for recoveries.

    Allllllll of that to say, I like the idea of these new tiers you posted because they could take the attributes I wanted with the 1200/1300 setup on Melissa's XPT to the next level. It seems like they'd slide even better (and avoid side-bite) and with the flexy sidewalls might eat up the small chop in the sand. But in 4wd it seems like they could still have plenty of bite. Hopefully somebody in our group gets a set so I can try 'em out!


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      Old School Design that should have never gone away IMHO. Having used them on ATC's back in the day....they were the best ALL Around Sand Dune Tire. Smooth, great floatation and nice sidewall flex. I think Skat-Cup style paddle Types are great for hill shooting and drag racing.

      The modern day paddle tires are clearly a $$ market appeal to look over function...again, just my .02. What looks "Good" and what works are different for paddle tires.