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    Realized I didn't update.

    There was about 7 cars show for Cocopah. Including one from Tucson, and one from Phoenix.
    Overall we had a blast, and it was some clean fun racing.

    I drove the heat race starting poll after the pill draw. Ended up second.

    My brother started around 4th and ended up second.

    They had a race for the hornets at Borona last weekend, but we couldn't make it.

    Next race is Cocopah on September 14th. We will be there.


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      The video of the Heritage 500 race that we initially built the car for finally came out today.


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        Got a few tricks up my sleeve to give us a little advantage.

        Been researching these Honda motors for about 4 months. Even picked up a JDM one for a spare.

        Lots of little tips and tricks to get more power from the 4 bangers.

        What I came up with, and starting to build after sourcing all OEM parts. Should be able to build for just under $1k. Still no money out of pocket, and with the $1000 claimer, we'll be good.

        First numbers are a Honda motor.

        F23A block, crank, rods.
        K20A2 pistons
        F22A1 head and valve train. Regrind cam (272).
        H23 intake, plenum, throttle body.
        F22A4 exhaust manifold.

        Pistons are a direct fit, and raise compression from 8.8 to 12.5:1.

        Head is direct fit, and supposed to flow better. Did some gasket port matching, took quite a bit from the exhaust side.

        Intake, direct fit, supposed to flow better, and has a dual runner design. Throttle body slightly larger from 58mm to 62.5mm. gasket port matched.

        Exhaust manifold is a 4-2-1 design, direct fit, sheet metal, looks like a header. Gasket port matched.

        I will get a P28 computer with jumper harness from OBD2 to OBD1 in order to tune it.



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          Couple weeks ago blew the radiator in Yuma and hurt the motor.

          Time for the swap.

          2 day race this Friday and Saturday back in Yuma.

          Listen with headphones or in stereo. Nasty.


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            Made 175. I'm pleased.



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              Good times.


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                Congratulations Sir
                JC Whips and Shyt For all your whip and Sand Jack Needs
                Check out my Instagram jc_whipsandshyt


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                  Originally posted by jc_whipsandjacks View Post
                  Congratulations Sir
                  Thank you sir.

                  And my brother won it Saturday night in same car.