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    I'm only 41, so maybe I still have my youth on my side, but despite a racing accident last summer that (literally) almost killed me, I have no desire to stop riding quads. Unfortunately it did end my ability to race competitively. I love my sand car, but to me nothing replaces the feeling of ripping my quads through the dunes. It is like the dunes are one really big motocross track. I keep 2 machines out west with my car each season. Unfortunately I don't have many quad riding buddies left out there, so I'll usually park the car and take the quad out on a buggy run to get my fix. So if there are any quad riders in the group let me know!

    Here are mine and and my daughters desert machines from 2 season't ago. I've since wadded hers up huge (she was not impressed with me), and built myself a different one, so we have two different quads out west now. But they overall still look like this set-up.

    Click image for larger version

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      We own a side x side but I’m still a quad rider. I’m only 33, albeit not in a bit of shape, so youthfulness may still be on my side. I ride a 450, my son a 300 and my daughter a 250. Only reason for the RZR is my wife and 2 younger kids. We have mostly quads and 3 wheelers in our group and have a blast. Eventually I’ll move to a car or a nice SxS but not until my kids are too cool to come out to G with their dad.

      Our group:
      Click image for larger version

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